Company history

We evaluate the site for free. With a professional team at an affordable price. We have a variety of services available to advise for small or large jobs. We are happy to provide services. Chonburi, Sattahip, Pattaya, or nearby areas that are interested. Please contact us.

Vision and Mission

Tankhun Transport Co.,Ltd. Founded in 2017, We have an effort and want to create effective work.

Quality Guarantee

Tankhun Transport Co.,Ltd. We take care of every job with professionalism, paying attention to customer problems. Take care of every detail In order to provide the best work and maximum customer satisfaction.

We are Tankhun Transport Co.,Ltd. We are happy to service all areas. From the main area, Chonburi, Pattaya, Sattahip, happy to provide service Until reaching nearby neighborhoods. If interested, can contact to ask for more details.

We provide all types of machinery for rent, rent a car, daily, monthly, ten wheel cars, six wheels, small backhoes, big backhoes, JCB, all kinds of machinery. If interested, please contact

We are happy to give advice on land improvement problems with expert advice. Can contact Receive free assessments via Additional contact channels at any time of operation



Land improvements

Land adjustment and soil adjustment service. You can check additional contact methods on the Contact Information page.

Rental service

There are all types of machinery for rent daily / monthly. You can check additional contact methods on the Contact Information page.

Drilling work

Dig a pool, dig a pond, dismantle the forest, put pipes. Further contact methods can be found on the contact information page.

Selling & Delivery

stones/ soil/ sand/ topsoil/ lateritic soil.What kind of needs do you want? We can find it all.Transport service with 10 wheels and 6 wheels cars. Manage to finish all in one place

Clearance work

Clearing service, dismantling forest, taking the garbage out from the recycling plant, bricks, stone, cement, can transport everything.

Evaluation Service

Free consultation service. Guarantee the quality of work. Enquire and contact us, we happy to provide service.





Daily / Monthly


แบคโฮหมายเลข 200423
แบคโฮหมายเลข 200423
แบคโฮหมายเลข 200423



Tankhun Transport Co.,Ltd.

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